Upgrade existing plant in eight different zones in a live manufacturing environment, including demolitions, process drainage, cleanrooms. Mechanical and electrical services, lab equipment and specialist floor finishes.

Key Packages

  • Clean room walls & ceilings.
  • Floor finishes.
  • Mechanical & electrical services.
  • Process drainage.

Key Deliverables

  • Working in 24/7 medical production facility.
  • Environmental management and dust control key factor.
  • Integration of mechanical and electrical services within existing services.
  • Phased work in eight different zones.
  • Cleanroom 10,000 and 100,000 class.
Finisklin Business Park, Sligo
€28m Capital Project, €4m CSA
Abbott Ireland
Design Team Architect:
PM Group
Structural/Civil Engineers:
Mc Elroy & Partners
Services Engineer:
PM Group
PM Group