Construction of a new 110kV sub-station within confines of an existing 220kV sub-station. Works involved bulk excavation, 3m deep concrete basement, steel frame and cladding and site services in 'live' sub-station. 25,000m of ducting laid.

Key Packages

  • Concrete works.
  • Steel frame.
  • Architectural wall cladding.
  • Ducting works 25,000m.
  • Internal resin floors and raised access floors.

Key Deliverables

  • Complex project within 'live' sub-station.
  • Complex concrete frame.
  • Strict working procedures with ESB CMP13 & OBN198.
  • All operative training to ESB requirements.
  • Existing sub-station services to Dublin airport to be maintained throughout.
Finglas 110kV Sub-station, Dublin
ESB Networks
Design Team Architect:
ESB International