Corrib Gas Terminal

Shell Exploration & Production Ireland Ltd.

Construction Manager:
PM Group

M V Cullinan Architects

Structural Engineer:
AMEC London

Service Engineer:
AMEC London

Project Supervisor for Design Stage:
AMEC London

Project Supervisor for Construction Stage:
PM Group

The Corrib Field was discovered off the west coast of Ireland in 1996. The Corrib project is being developed by Shell Exploration & Production Ireland Limited (Sepil) who appointed PM Group as Construction Manager for the development of the on-shore terminal at Ballinaboy Co Mayo.

Kilcawley Construction was awarded the contract for all the building works on the Terminal site which consists of specialist buildings (7no) for the Plant Operations and the architecturally designed Administration Buildings.

The contract award criteria was based on the ability of Kilcawley Construction to meet Sepil world standards in Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality and the ability to deliver this complex project to programme requirements.

This selection process pre-contract award stage involved Sepil and PM Group audit /inspection of all Kilcawley Construction Operational Systems, Site inspection of works in progress and inspection of Completed Projects to determine if Kilcawley Construction had the systems and ability to deliver the project. The audit/inspection process clearly gave Sepil and PM the confidence they required to appoint Kilcawley Construction as their main building works contractor for the Terminal Project.

Kilcawley Construction worked with Sepil and PM Group Construction Management team from early design stage and pre-contract stage where all project expectations in terms of Health and Safety, Environmental, Quality, Design issues; Buildability, Programme and Flawless start up were clearly defined. The Kilcawley Construction management team had to go through a series of special training requirements to be fully conversant with Sepil World Standards relating to:

Continuous Observation and Risk Assessment (CORE) Safety Observation Reporting (SOR)
Sepil House Rules Safety Leadership Team
Life Saving Rules Flawless Start Up
Hydro Carbon Awarenes

Kilcawley Construction has embraced and has worked in close cooperation with Sepil and PM to espouse and enrich a project culture based on prevention and leadership in Health and Safety, Environmental, Quality and Project Management and use of local Labor Content.

Kilcawley Construction championed good house-keeping themes on site. This proved to be extremely successful and very evident with a high level of house-keeping awareness on site, which in turn resulted in a safer and more productive site. This is evident from the site statistics.

The Sepil ‘Zero Goal’ policy required systems and procedures in place to achieve this requirement in all aspects of the construction process. Kilcawley Construction having operated Quality Management System I.S ENISO 9001:2008 registration No 19.25.10 certified by NSAI, since 1997 realized the benefit of such systems and immediately augmented this by the introduction of Safe T and Environmental Management System ISO 14001. All of these standards are universally recognized as a mark of commitment to excellence.

With materials sourced from a network of specialist world-wide suppliers who supply the gas industry a system of quality benchmarking was put in place. This was achieved by a collaborative approach with the Project Management Team and rigorous management of our QMS.

The project scope consisted of two distinct work packages.

Package 1 comprised of specialist buildings for the plant operations to include Blast requirements, Atex requirements, Specialist Fire Proofing, HVAC Systems, Specialist Wall and Floor Finishes. A total of 8 buildings were involved in this package. The area of the buildings ranged in size from 250m² to 1200M² and up to 25M in height. The buildings included;:

Local Equipment Room Building (LER) Waste Water Treatment Building (WWTB)
Sales Gas Compressor Building (SGCB) Power Generation Building (PGB)
Fire Water Pump Building (FWPB) Flawless Start Up
Selective Catalytic Reduction Building (SCRB) Control Building

Package 2 comprised of the high end Architecturally Designed Administration Block of circa 2600m² to include:

Office Block Administration Block
Laboratory Block Canteen and Staff Facilities
Ware House and Work Shop Terminal I.T. Centre


Kilcawley Construction to date received the following awards on the Corrib Gas Project:

500,000 Manhours without LTI 750,000 Manhours with out LTI
Contractor of the month award Building of the month award
Individual Safety award for our site team  


The experience gained by Kilcawley Construction working on the Corrib Gas Project the largest construction site in Ireland with the highest requirements in Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality has greatly enhanced this company and brings a huge wealth of expertise to all future projects.